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Budget savings of up to 14%
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Convenient form of payment in different currencies
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Payment Methods

Payment of advertising
budget in USDT
Your savings
  • 300-1.500 usdt10%
  • 1.500-5.000 usdt12%
  • 5.000-15.000 usdt13%
  • 15.000-50.000 usdt14%
  • 50.000+ usdtNegotiable
Make a budget calculation with BudgetMaxx
Payment of advertising
budget in UAH
Your savings
  • 5.000-60.000 ₴10%
  • 60.000-200.000 ₴12%
  • 200.000-600.000 ₴13%
  • 600.000-2.000.000 ₴14%
  • 2.000.000 ₴ +Negotiable
Make a budget calculation with BudgetMaxx
Payment of advertising
budget in USD
Your savings
  • 300-1.500$10%
  • 1.500-5.000$12%
  • 5.000-15.000$13%
  • 15.000-50.000$14%
  • 50.000+ $Negotiable
Make a budget calculation with BudgetMaxx
We work with leading advertising platforms and take care of your budget
Our solution, BudgetMaxx, helps you save on your advertising budget and increase your business competitiveness through cost optimization.
Increase your advertising budget with BudgetMaxx's affordable cost optimization for large businesses.
Competition in the market is growing every year, increasing advertising auctions and maximum prices per lead.
We are trusted by more than 1,000 advertisers
How does the process of cooperation with BudgetMaxx work?
At this stage in the process of communication, we conduct a briefing and consultation to answer all your questions.
After discussing of details and definition of the advertising budget, you choose the most convenient way of payment.
After you pay your advertising budget, we create an account for you and provide access to it. After that, we create an advertising budget in the cabinet for promoting your business.
Creation of an advertising office
If your budget ends you can transfer us additional funds to replenish your cabinet and continue work with advertising without idle time.
Work process
We will relocate your advertising campaigns without cost or disruption
We know that the business owner is particularly concerned about advertising costs, unlike the staff.
The entire migration process, regardless of the amount of customization, will be completed within a day.
- BudgetMaxx
Optimize your advertising campaigns with BudgetMaxx and get bonuses:
Bonus for new clients
For all new clients regardless of the amount - the first deposit of 7% minimum of 300 Euro.
Educational materials
Free training materials, courses, and materials on working with the advertising offices of Google and TikTok.
Different types of currencies
Possibility to pay in cryptocurrency or by bank transfer with a contract.
Cabinets for experts
High-trust affiliate accounts in Google Marketing Partners and affiliate accounts in TikTok.
Keeping the RC of the cabinet for the client for 3 months provided the turnover of the service amounted to $ 5К+. In other cases - for 1 month.
Bonus up to $400 from Google
New accounts are rewarded up to $500 if they spend a $400 budget in the ad account within 60 days.
Who benefits from the service

Digital Marketing Agencies




Online Schools

Use high-trust ad accounts in Google ads and TikTok Ads.
The legal way to save up to 14% of your advertising budget.
Free courses and materials from Google Marketing Partrens, Facebook Marketing Partners, TikTok Reseller.
Maximize your advertising campaigns and get ahead of the competition.
Single bill for different ad accounts - maximum savings up to 14%.
Win bids by offering clients optimized ad budgets and high-trust ad accounts.
Increase your team's skills with training materials from Google Marketing Partners, Facebook Marketing Partners and TikTok Reseller.
Improve the quality of your ad agency's services by saving budget and simplifying your ad campaigns.
Digital Marketing Agencies
Improve your campaign results and marketing effectiveness.
Save up to 14% of your clients' advertising budget.
Increase your expertise with training materials from Google Marketing Partners, Facebook Marketing Partners and TikTok Reseller.
The legal way to save up to 14% of your client's advertising budget.
Minimize blocking risks: get access to high-trust advertising accounts from Google Marketing Partners and agency accounts in TikTok.
Significant savings: save up to 14% on your advertising budget and use your budget more effectively.
Affiliate conditions for freelancers: get special conditions for partnership with BudgetMaxx
Transfer of advertising campaigns: work without interruptions, as we take care of the transfer of client's advertising campaigns.
Manage your advertising budgets across multiple advertising platforms from one BudgetMaxx account, saving time and resources.
Focus on growing your business strategically, trust BudgetMaxx to save your advertising budget and increase your profits.
Grow your business, stay ahead of the competition, and capture more market share with BudgetMaxx to optimize your advertising budgets.
Optimize your advertising budget and increase your business profits.
Focus on your creativity by reducing your marketing costs with BudgetMaxx.
Stay one step ahead of the competition by using BudgetMaxx to effectively optimize your advertising budgets.
An easy way to increase ROI and ROAS from your funnels is by saving your advertising budget.
Get more participants in marathons, webinars, and courses by optimizing your advertising budget.
Online Schools
Optimize your advertising budget by up to 14%
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