Facebook or Google: Which advertising route to choose for your business?

In today's digital world, the advertising market dominates the rest. However, how can you determine which platform - Facebook Ads or Google Ads - will be the most beneficial for your company? Let's delve into the primary attributes of each platform.


Facebook is a platform that allows you to focus on visitors who come for entertainment and communication. It's the perfect place to advertise products that can attract attention impulsively, such as fashionable clothes or the latest gadgets. For example, it is often through Facebook that people first learn about trendy wireless headphones or eco-friendly products.


Here, you are greeted by an audience that has already made up its mind. They are certain about their desires and are proactively searching for them. When they enter the query "buy a new smartphone", Google provides them with many options.

How do you choose?

Think about your business goals:
  • If you want to raise brand awareness or draw attention to a new product, choose Facebook.
  • If the goal is to sell a specific product quickly, it is better to use Google Ads.
  • For small businesses with a limited budget, Facebook often offers more affordable conditions.

The secret to efficiency

Combine both platforms for the best coverage. And don't forget to consult with experts, such as the Penguin team, to get the most out of it.
Tip: Always prepare your page or website before running an advert. Facebook requires an active business page, and Google requires a well-optimized website.
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