The Secrets of Interacting with Micro-Influencers on TikTok: From Selection to Effective Advertising

Not all influencers are equally suitable for your business. For successful cooperation, pay attention to the authenticity and interaction of the influencer with the audience. Active followers and positive feedback are the key to making the right choice.

Account Analytics is Your Key to Success

Studying an influencer's audience can reveal a lot of useful information. Tools like Pentos and Exolyt will help you understand whether the influencer's followers are your target audience.

Communicate with the Influencer on the Same Wavelength

Your request for cooperation should reflect not only the terms and conditions but also a creative approach. Offer promotions for subscribers, discuss mutual benefits, and be open to dialogue.

Advertising Formats that Really Work

TikTok offers a variety of ad formats. Experiment with short videos, long videos, and live broadcasts to find the best format for your product or service.

Additional Aspects to Consider

When planning cooperation, discuss in detail the fee, publication terms, and terms of use of the content. This will ensure fruitful interaction without misunderstandings.

Secrets of Stable Interaction

Long-term cooperation can lead to more stable results and audience loyalty. Consider signing an agreement for a long period of time or make an influencer an ambassador of your brand.
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